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Hi, I'm Jess! I'm a 19 year old Law Student and Musician from England, with a passion for reading, writing and drinking dangerous amounts of tea.
As well as being a student, I am a HUGE fangirl and book-geek, and I regularly fall in love with fictional characters, such as Daemon Black from the Lux series, Roth from the Dark Elements series, and Prince Maxon from The Selection, before I remember that they are unfortunately not real and therefore undateable.
I am the founder and owner of My Secret Book Obsession, as well as being a blogger for Luxen Army and iFandomsCollide, all of which can be found at the links below:

I am a musician (singer and guitarist), and I have played many concerts and toured Scotland, the Shetland Isles and America. In Summer 2013, I worked at an American summer camp teaching music and helping out with musical theatre productions. I fell in love with the country and the people, and I hope to move to the USA one day.

As well as loving those unavailable, fictional book-boyfriends, I am determined to become the wife of actor, model and all-round perfectly chiselled man Alex Pettyfer. (Look-a-likes may apply for the position of Jessica’s Boyfriend). I have been in love with Pettyfer since he appeared in Anthony Horowitz’s, Stormbreaker, and has followed his career through Wild Child, to Magic Mike.
Along with books and music, my other passions include baking, art, paintball, horse-riding- both English and Western style- and polo!


I am a self professed book geek and a bit of a nerd! Reading is a big part of my life, seriously I am never without a book! When I'm not reading I'm attempting to write my own YA book series which is scary! I easily fall in love with book boys, honestly, I have that many its hard to keep track.

Apart from reading and writing I'm a fangirl, a huge fan of Doctor Who (and Matt Smith!) And a whole host of other shows and movies. (Again too many to mention!) I'm a King Arthur geek. I could honestly get a doctorate in it. I love him. And the TV show Merlin... I know by heart! Fairies, Glastonbury Town, Ireland, McFly/McBusted, Tarot Cards and Baking are just another part of me too.
I'm weird and quirky but isn't that just the best way to be?
Jace Herondale's "You're Not A Mundane" pretty much sums me up .

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